Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SSS new Unified Multipurpose ID requirements

SSS new ID is called Unified Multipurpose Identification System or “UMID”.

The SSS new ID or  “UMID”, is a high-tech identification card to be issued for all SSS members, the issuance of the said new ID has already started.


SSS new ID system  uses biometric technology and fingerprint matching to determine a person's identity particularly its members. Aside from that SSS new ID system has a contact-less chip and a magnetic stripe wherein through this technology it makes the transaction of SSS members a lot easier and faster and more convenient so through this it will boost SSS performance towards the success of the entire agency.

So if you like to apply for this new SSS ID or  SSS Unified Multipurpose ID:

Please visit SSS website for more info. or you may search the requirements below:

Go to this link for SSS new ID (UMID) requirements: http://otepsblogs.blogspot.com/2011/07/sss-umid-application-requirements.html

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