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Philippine Lotto Results|

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See Latest Lotto Results and Lotto Jackpot Updates below: 

Grand Lotto Jackpot tonight reaches to 375 million Wednesday draw, November 10, 2010. And this is so far biggest jackpot price in the history of Philippine Lottery so a lot of people are betting, aiming to win the 375 million pesos. See the other lotto results below: 

PCSO latest updates/news! November 11, 2010

Good news! Still nobody won the prize of 375 million pesos last night for the 6/55 Grand Lotto draw, so there is still hope or a big chance for all the people who keep on betting the 6/55 Grand Lotto. The next draw of 6/55 Grand Lotto will on Saturday, 11/13/10 and the price is will be P379 Million. It's getting bigger and bigger. The biggest price ever!

PCSO Latest Results

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Grand Lotto  

11/13/2010 , 0  winner(s)

Superlotto 6/49     

11/14/2010 , 1  winner(s)
 Megalotto 6/45

11/12/2010 , 0  winner(s)
Lotto 6/42

11/13/2010 , 0  winner(s)

PCSO Jackpot Updates

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Lotto Game        Date Updated      Jackpot Update
Grand Lotto        11/7/2010            334,984,975.20
Megalotto 6/45 11/12/2010         27,573,888.60
Superlotto 6/49                11/16/2010         16,000,000.00
Lotto 6/42           11/13/2010         11,114,827.20

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